VISIBLE CITY project + archive

The Visible City Project seeks to understand the different roles that artists play in imagining and helping to design 21st century cities. The project investigates how art practices function in specific contemporary urban contexts as a tool for enhancing communication and renovating democratic citizenship, and how they might be used to educate and transform the experience of urban dwelling in light of the changing technological, economic and cultural experiences of globalization.

The Visible City Archive was always a primary component of the Visible City Project. The main form of our research consists of interviews, seminars and symposia recorded on digital video. To that end, we felt it would not only be useful to have access to this research online but that subject matter would be of interest to the public at large. Our archive of research is organized around the main conceptual divisions of our project: artists and curators, collectives, spaces, interventions and lectures and seminars.

The Archive

Visible City: Project + Archive is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of CanadaCanada Research Chairs, York Research, Ontario Innovation Trust, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.