Urban Field Speakers Series 2010

Programmed by Janine Marchessault and Scott McLeod and presented by Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art in association with the Visible City Project and Archive of York University

The Urban Field Speakers Series centres on the role of art in transforming the experience of the city. Through lectures, audio-visual presentations and discussions, it explores how creative practices can help improve the quality of urban life and planning in Toronto and around the world. This series of monthly events brings together an array of international and local participants, including artists, architects, curators, designers and scholars, who are working at the intersections of technology, communications and aesthetics. Reflecting a broad range of perspectives and practices, the events build upon each other to inspire dialogue on the role of the city in art, and art in the city.


Andreas Fogarasi
Moderated by Vid Ingelevics
January 21, 2010
The Golden Lion–winning artist and co-editor of the Austrian urban research journal Dérive speaks on models of urban representation. Moderated by Vid Ingelevics, artist, writer, curator and an associate professor at Ryerson University. Presented by Prefix in association with the Art Gallery of Windsor.
Fogarasi Part1
Fogarasi Part2
Fogarasi Part3
Fogarasi Part4
Fogarasi Part5


Alessandro Petti
Moderated by Sara Graham
March 11, 2010

The artist, architect and professor at Bard/Al-Quds University speaks about Decolonizing Architecture, a collaborative research project that explores the problems and potentiality associated with the reuse of Israeli colonial architecture after Israeli occupation and settlers’ evacuations. Moderated by visual artist Sara Graham.

Petti Part1
Petti Part2
Petti Part3
Petti Part4


Ou Ning
Moderated by Adrian Blackwell
April 8, 2010

The multidisciplinary cultural practi-tioner speaks about his urban research projects, including his role as Chief Curator of the 2009 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture. Moderated by Adrian Blackwell, artist, urban designer and an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Toronto. Presented by Prefix in association with the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Ning Part1
Ning Part2
Ning Part3
Ning Part4


Saskia Sassen
Moderated by Brenda Longfellow
April 29, 2010

The noted professor of sociology at Columbia University speaks on the global city, emerging networked technologies and changes within liberal states. Moderated by Brenda Longfellow, an award winning filmmaker, writer and associate professor of film studies and production at York University, Toronto.

Sassen Part1
Sassen Part2
Sassen Part3
Sassen Part4
Sassen Part5

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