Locating Migrating Media

Locating Migrating Media Edited by Greg Elmer, Charles H. Davis, Janine Marchessault, and John McCullough (Lexington Books, 2010) “The media are on the move, in every conceivable way. As ‘new’ media arrive at our doorsteps and bedsides, this compelling volume asks us to think about mobile media in a different way, to consider the who, what, […]

Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema

Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema Edited by Janine Marchessault and Susan Lord (University of Toronto Press, 2007) As a medium, film is constantly evolving both in form and in content. Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema considers the shift from traditional cinema to new frontiers of interactive, performative, and networked media. Renowned scholars from the fields of film […]

Public: Art/Culture/Ideas

Public is a unique interdisciplinary journal that explores contemporary cultural issues. Bridging scholarly and critical studies with artistic practices, the journal provides a forum in which international artists, critics and theorists exchange ideas on topics previously segregated by ideological boundaries. Public is published by the Public Access Collective, which was founded out of a shared […]

Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media

Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media By Janine Marchessault (Sage Publications, 2005) Marshall McLuhan’s theories of media, art and culture are being reexamined in the context of new digital cultures and globalization. This book provides a close reading of some of his key texts to discern the contribution his thinking can make to our understanding of the present […]

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