Richard Fung

fung_stillRichard Fung is a Toronto-based video artist, educator, and writer. A Trinidadian-Canadian of Chinese descent, Fung's videos focus on subjects ranging from the role of the Asian male in gay pornography, to colonialism, immigration, racism, homophobia, AIDS and his own family history.

In the following interview with Visible City, Fung discusses his involvement in Toronto's artistic community, ranging from his political involvement as an artist to his past and current projects. He also shares his thoughts on various projects, interventions, and collaborations taking place in and about the city.

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Vtape, a Toronto-based distributor of videos by artists and independent documentary makers, has an extensive catalogue of works by Richard Fung.


"Role as a Teacher"
"Self-Sustainability of the Arts and Artists"
"Working in Collectives"

In this clip, Fung talks about blah blah blah: (re)viewing Québec, a compilation of 14 artist videos and his work with the Hard Pressed Collective for The Olive Project: Two Minutes for Peace and Justice, which consists of video programs produced by a range of artists in solidarity with Palestinian olive farmers.
"Working Across Borders"
"Uncomfortable: The Art of Christopher Cozier"
"Negotiating Identity as an Artist"


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