Jaakko Rustanius

rustaniusJaakko Rustanius is an artist, writer, curator and the director of HIAP (Helsinki International Artist in Residence Program). His art practice extends broadly through video, photography and drawing.

In this interview Rustanius discusses how Helsinki artists navigate the boundaries between gallery space and public space. Blending his experience volunteering with a local artist-run centre and directing a major granting body, Rustanius explores how Finland’s arts funding structure (artists pay to show in galleries and grants are understood as subsidizing this fee) informs the ways art is shown in Helsinki. This discussion extends to art-making in public spaces and the limits imposed by public opinion of how this space should be used. Rustanius also presents theories on why Helsinki’s contemporary art scene successfully attracts international artists and art audiences.

- Cait McKinney

Interview with Jaakko Rustanius

Helsinki Gallery Culture
Helsinki as a City and the Artist Abroad

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