Victor Fowler Calzada

fowlerVictor Fowler Calzada was born in Havana in 1960. In 1987 he graduated in Pedagogy (Spanish Language and Literature specialty) in the Instituto Superior Pedagógico “Enrique José Varona”, Havana. For several years he practised teaching in the secondary level. Between 1989 and 1992 he worked in the Biblioteca Nacional (National Archive) as a specialist for the Programa Nacional de la Lectura (National Program on Reading) where he organized the First National Conference for Promotion of Reading (Primer Encuentro Nacional de Promoción de Lectura). He was professor of the course Promoción de Lectura in the Escuela de Técnicos de Biblioteca. He has participated in several scientific events and international conferences, of which the most relevant are the Encuentro Nacional de Promoción de Lectura (1991, Biblioteca Nacional) and the Encuentros de Investigación José Lezama Lima’s work (1989, 1990, 1991, Biblioteca Nacional, and 1993, Universidad de la Havana), in all of which he took part and organized as well.

He is a frequent collaborator in the most relevant Cuban cultural publications and his critical works as well as his poems have been distributed in Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, England, France, Italy, Belgium, and the U.S. He obtained the Premio Nacional de la Critica 1998, with his book Lamaldicion, and since then he has published a compilation of essays entitled Historias del cuerpo (2001), in addition to a book of short stories called Diario de mi padre y otros relatos (2001).

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