"Our Domestic Radiation" by Anna Friz airs January 2009

Our Domestic Radiation (2009) by Visible City Research Associate Anna Friz, commissioned for the Radia network.

A composition made from the imagined and actual intercepted fields of electro-magnetic and acoustic signals in and around my apartment in Toronto, Canada. This piece seeks to express some of the wireless action surging daily on site. I am particularly interested in the relative flatness and depth perceivable in both acoustic and Hertzian space, and in the diminishing horizon in the city as a result of urban design and an exponential increase in wireless infrastructure (or EM clutter).

Additional filters include mason jars, theremin, ring modulator, staged interference, and delay. This show is best enjoyed on headphones, for those listening online.

"Our Domestic Radiation" airs on free103point9.org on January 22, 2009, 14:00 (GMT-5), and on partner stations in the Radia network during the week of January 19-25, 2009: Radio Campus, Radio Panik and XL Air, Bruxelles (Belgium); CKUT-FM, Montreal; Radio Corax, Halle (Germany); Radio Grenouille, Marseille (France); Kanal 103, Skopje (Macedonia); Radio Orange, Vienna (Austria); radio x, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Resonance FM, London (UK); Radio Zero, Lisbon (Portugal); Soundart Radio, Dartington (UK); Lemurie TAZ, Prague (Czech); klubradio, Berlin (Germany); Tilos Radio, Budapest (Hungary); ORF Kunstradio, Vienna (Austria).

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